Fantasy Alive Ogre Chip Spending Options

In Fantasy Alive it is possible to gain Ogre Chips (OC), which are similar to experience points but have more uses. Ogre Chips can be converted into experience points, in-game money or for in-game items.

OC can be earned in various ways. The most common are: NPCing, driving a PC to an event, donating phys-reps or costumes or helping improve the game site. Anything that adds to Fantasy Alive can possibly give you OC. Below is a list of some of the ways to earn OC at Fantasy Alive. (Note this list is not exhaustive, so speak to an Owner if you have thoughts on how to earn OC.)

ItemOC Reward
Driving another Player to an event5
Bringing a new Player20
NPCing an Event:40
Plotting an Event:80
Head of Plotting an Event:100
Marshalling an Event (Weapon, Armour, Rule, Public Relations)5
Helping setup or clean up at events10-80 (Based on amount of assistance)
Submitting an approved Lore pieceVaries on quality and need.
Packets (20)*5
Packets (100)*25
Donating a PropBased on cost of item and need.
Donating a Weapon or ArmourBased on cost of item and need.
Donating CostumingBased on time and materials.
Donating Money1 OC per $1
* Packet colours are: Orange for alchemy, Grey for sling rocks and any other colour for magic.

Spending your Ogre Chips can occur in a few ways.

On character creation, a player may convert OC up to the point that the character reaches 80 SP. This cap of 80 SP for a new character can be raised by contributing to the game through NPCing and joining the Plot team. For each event that a player NPCs, they may add 2 SP to this cap. For Plotting an event the player may add 4 SP and for each event as Head of Plot the player may add 6 SP. Note that this raises the cap on a new character and may be used so long as the player has sufficient OC to convert.
For an existing character, OC can be converted to XP at a ratio of 1 OC to 1 XP up to a maximum of 100 OC per event. This conversion may be done for each event that the player PCs, NPCs or Plots and can be calculated the next time the player logs a PC for an event.
An existing character may convert as much OC as is necessary (at 1 OC to 1 XP) to purchase just one skill. The normal rules for Tutoring apply and that character may purchase only that one skill when this is done at Log.
OC may be exchanged for in-game money at a rate of 1 OC for 10 cp. This may only be done up to 1000cp per Log.
OC may also be used to purchase in-game items or in-game services. These items are considered to be rewards or payments for inconsequential in-game actions between events. Each of these items or services may be purchased only once per Log. The items offered under Trades may only be purchased by a character with at least one level of that skill (i.e. Mechanic requires at least Mechanic 1, Arcaner requires Magery, etc.). The list of possible purchases are:

Apprentice1 Apprentice providing only additional hours. May not use this to exceed the normal Max of 2 Apprentices. IG upkeep for apprentice must be paid (5cp/week).50
Healing MixturesGiven at Log: 1 Energy Boost, 1 Wonder Tonic and 1 Miracle Tonic80
Life PotionGiven at Log: 1 Life Potion350
AlchemistGiven at Log: 5 Ingredients of Choice20
Armour SmithGiven at Log: 5 of Cloth, Leather, Iron, Lumber, Hardware (any combination)5
Bowyer/FletcherGiven at Log: 5 of Wood, Hardware, Cloth (any combination)3
CraftsmanGiven at Log: 5 of Hide, Parchment, Iron, Wool, Lumber, Hardware, Container (any combination)3
HerbalistGiven at Log: 5 Herbs of choice20
LabourerGiven at Log: 5 of Iron, Stone, Wood, Wool, Hide (any combination)3
MechanicGiven at Log: 5 of Iron, Hardware, Rope, Cloth, Hourglass, Lumber, Wineskin (any combination, limit 1 Hourglass)5
MerchantGiven at Log: 5 Common Goods in any Category current have8
PhysicianGiven at Log: 12 Bandages 1
Weapon SmithGiven at Log: 5 of Wood, Iron, Leather (any combination)3
ArcanerGiven at Log: 1 Arcane Ink, 1 Parchment (10), 3 Quill and Ink40

Please note that this list of OC rewards is subject to change or addition, so make sure to check back each log!